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OSLO, Norway, 10 March 2010 -----Wayp Internet Group announced today that more than 150 countries white and yellow pages  are listed from All databases linked from are free to use for the user. check every link and the databse it represent regulary soo the users will have an optimal user experience when using services. is free and used by many government agencies and private companies all over the world. The company is based in Norway. Many white and yellow pages for each country has been tested and only the best 3 are linked from  There are often more than 20 different white or yellow pages represented in each country, 15 years of experience with white and yellow pages on the  internet has made one of the best worldwide white and yellowpages.

The International White and Yellow Pages is developed by linking together and coordinating all valid data bases, giving information about names, addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers. In general the data bases are electronic versions of the white and/or yellow pages from the different telephone catalogues in each country.

"Our service is an inexpensive and good offer to companies and individuals to meet the demand of finding people, businesses, addresses and telephone numbers world wide", said Morten Adamsson, Director of Sales and Marketing in Wayp Internet Group. "Especially large cooperations can save a huge amount of money using this service before calling e.g. the Directory Inquiry in the country. Our target market is businesses searching for information beyond what the local Directory Inquiry can offer. Some of our partners provide more than information of names, addresses and telephone number, e.g. simple financial information or mapping of addresses.

You can read more about in these books (

" The WWW address to Wayp Internet Group`s International White and Yellow Pages is:

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