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Press Release 19 june, 2021 Oslo, Norway

www.wayp.com celebrate 25 years since launch of International white and yellow pages!

It is 25 years since first www.wayp.com was launched on the internet! It was created by a professional employee of international directory assistant in a telephone company located in Oslo, Norway (Telenor AS).

Wayp.com  goal is to give professional help in locating people and businesses in every country in the world! Wayp.com try to have updated information in every country in the world. Wayp.com try to have a professional relationship with all databases we link to, and also try to give people the best updated information at all times.

There are many companies that offer local white and yellow pages worldwide. There has also popped up many online white and yellow pages on the Internet the last few years. The biggest problem is outdated information in the database so the information you get is not correct. Many of the “new” internet white and yellow companies have very limited information in their database. Some do not have any information at all, they just redirect you to new search pages that do not work properly. The last 25 years wayp.com team has reviewed more than 1000 sites that we have not listed, here is some of the links located. (https://www.wayp.com/eng/infoeng/diveng.html).

Wayp.com has professionals who check the information. Several countries do not have good white and yellow pages but limited information. We still link to those databases even though some of the information is limited and not correct. Instead of not listing a country we try to give users a possibility to find a person or company. If you can not find someone you should call your countries directory assistant, usually a telephone company.

Sometimes links go down, we check and recheck link often to keep all links alive and up to speed.

Every day Wayp.com work to update and create the best site in locating people and businesses worldwide. Wayp.com has professional experience in what databases that should be used when locating someone.

Wayp.com try to have good relationship/cooperation with all countries databases soo we can keep having professional and updated information for wayp.com users.

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